Howell & Associates Advanced Planning - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Client Profile

Age: At least 70, with a life expectancy of 12
years or less.

Status: High net worth seniors with a minimum
$250,000 life insurance policy issued at
least two years ago.

Concerns: Client needs a means to tap into
unrealized assets from an existing policy
or the current policy is no longer needed
for its original purpose.

Life Settlement

A Life Settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy for an amount greater than its cash surrender value. The proceeds are often used to purchase other financial products, including more cost effective life insurance.


Life Settlements provide financial professionals with a strategy for helping clients to tap into “found” money contained within existing life insurance policies, while enabling the client with the option to obtain a cash value for an amount that is substantially higher than the policy surrender value. Benefi ts to producers include:

• A commission on the life settlement

• Continuing residuals on the original policy

• Commissions on newly purchased financial products